G.L. Electronic - was established in 2003. Based on the evaluation of professional experience acquired by prolonged exposure in foreign companies primarily engaged in the manufacture and applications for space, aerospace and military technology.

illustrative foto by the courtesy of INMEC in TPB illustrative foto by the courtesy of INMEC in TPB

G.L.E. since 2008 becomes a czech hi-rel company, that offers a complete realization and technical support in the areas of space, air and ground technologies. Our technicians are also actively involved in realization of projects for the partner company in EU, mainly in Italy.

Production Hi-Rel activities:

  • PCB assembly - SMD and PTH technology, complete bonding with surface treatment. We also provide final integration of unities.
  • Hi-Rel production of cable harnesses and electronic assemblies such as EGSE rack cabinets and control panels, which are used in aerospace, defence and measuring technologies.
  • Hardware and software design: design of cable harnesses and electronic systems (sources, analogue and digital systems), SW design: these activities are provided in cooperation with external partners from the Czech Republic.
  • Quality system: monitors the entire production flow (PID/VPD) while also providing control of individual manufacturing operations (PCB assembly, repairs, modifications, internal/external cabling up to final packing and shipping).
  • Measuring/testing: HW and SW testing of electronic devices made by G.L.Electronic. Tests are performed to customer requirements in accordance with the applicable test procedure. If requested, a final unity test is also conducted (in a thermal vacuum chamber, EMC, vibrations).
  • The above activities take place in a class 100,000 clean room.
  • Production and control operations are carried out only by ESA-certified technicians.

Manufacturing Clean Rooms- ISO 8

clean room
Production facilities for manufacturing of flight hardware (audited by ESA and CNES) New integration area for Space projects ISO8

International Activities ground of segment:

G.L.Electronic Ltd. Since 2007- to 2012 actively participated in two large international projects for the launch pad Vega and Soyuz at (Centre Spatial Guyanais) to French Guiana. Together with the Italian company Carlo Gavazzi Space (main contractor), we were part of an international team GLE here has provided technical support and complete installation for measurement, control and safety equipment